The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) has launched a new COVID-19 archive project entitled;

Stay Home Memories’

They are asking for members of the public to help them compile an archive of life during lockdown in Northern Ireland.

The ‘Stay Home’ Memories project aims to capture people’s experiences of the pandemic through documents, photographs, art, videos and diaries.

There are three main ways to help this project:

  1. Fill in a census form. This is a short document which records your employment/education status during lockdown, along with who you shared lockdown with. Anyone who has ever tried researching their family history will know how useful documents like this can be to our future descendants.
  2. Stay at home Web Archive. If you know of a good community website which has been instrumental in helping co-ordinate and provide help during this pandemic, let them know and they can archive their website for future generations to see.
  3. Have you been keeping a diary? If you have, you could provide this to the archive, either in paper or digital format, and with whatever copyright you are willing to provide. A diary can provide wonderful insight into life during the lockdown.

You can find more information on PRONI’s website by clicking the button below.

If you want to send anything, such as photographs to this archive, send all to