Today St. Luke’s Mullaglass has launched a new telephony solution for our congregation without internet connectivity.

By telephoning (028) 9124 8283, they will be able to hear the Rev. Synnott’s sermons at home.

The automated telephone service begins with a short message before playing Rev. Synnott’s recorded Sermon of that week.

The service has no extra charges, with all telephone calls costing the user their usual, standard rate.

It is hoped that it will give those who do not have the ability to watch Rev. Synnott’s services on our website or Youtube the ability to partipate further in the weekly worship.

Service packs will still be posted out weekly to those without access, which will continue to include typed sermons, so all users will have the choice going forward to read or listen to the Sunday Sermon.

If you know of anyone who would like to avail of this service, do pass the telephone number on.

I’d like to give special thanks to Paul Freeman Powell, of St. Anne’s in Aigburth, Liverpool for the instructions in how to set this up.