The following is a letter from Rev. Alan Synnott for the attention of all Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

As I write this letter to all four churches within the parish group I do so first and foremost in a spirit of encouragement and hope. Our hope is founded upon the sure rock of Jesus Christ, the very radiance of God’s glory and God’s expression of love to us and to all people. We are slowly emerging from a very dark period, and I want you all to be encouraged in faith and life that Jesus’ promise to never leave us nor forsake us still holds true, be of good cheer.

We have been looking closely at our Sunday Schools to get them up and running again and so we have been doing our Safeguarding Trust training and we are almost up to date on that. We also had an evening with the Diocesan Youth and Children’s ministry coordinator David Brown who has helped us draw our plans together. Those teachers present have decided to restart the children’s ministry in their churches after half term on Sunday 7th November 2021. We will be tying together the arrangements for the other churches as soon as possible.

To mark the recommencement of our Sunday Schools we have decided to hold an act of family worship on Sunday 31st October 2021 at 6:30pm in St Luke’s Mullaglass and we are inviting all our Sunday School children from all four churches to come along and enjoy this time together. Mullaglass is the largest venue in the group and therefore the safest for this event. Our speaker that evening is our own Jill Hunter. Spread the word!

Our Sunday Schools are run by volunteer teachers who undertake this ministry with admirable selflessness and sacrifice of time and energy, and some have, after decades of work and commitment, expressed the need to retire form this labour of love. We thank you for all that you have given to the children of our churches, and we will make more of this within the family of the parishes you have served. This of course means that we desperately need people to take up the task and we would be best served if we had several teachers and helpers to run Sunday Schools on a fairer rotational basis rather than burden the one or two faithful workers. Are you able to help? Please let me know.

The Diocesan Youth Department has organised two events for children in the upcoming weeks, on 16th October there is a Hedgerow Harvest Walk for families, for more details go to this link as it must be booked in advance. This event will be run by Mr. Alyn Jones whose intimate knowledge of our natural world is second to none and he brings it together with a lively insight on the faith which will make this a wonderful family outing for all. Then on 13th November 2021 there is a Diocese wide event called Birds, Bees and Native Trees so listen out for more about this in the church announcements.

We now pass on from the season of Harvest Thanksgiving to the time of Remembrance and on to the penitential season of Advent as we look again to celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord in due course. May we each be blessed with a sense of his presence, love and peace.

Yours in Christ,