St. Luke’s Parish Church, Mullaglass held its annual Harvest Thanksgiving on Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 10am morning service, and at 7pm for evening service followed by Supper.

An enjoyable evening of friendship and fellowship, this was our first event like it during COVID-19.

The church was beautifully decorated in flowers, and fruit and vegetables.

For the first time since COVID-19 the choir were able to perform an anthem, together and fully robed. The anthem; an original piece written by Gloria Hutchinson to the tune of faithful one, was sung from the balcony to a rather brilliant effect. The choir anthem coming from above and flowing over the congregation instead of the usual location in the quire stalls at the front of the church. This change allowed the choir to perform whilst also being a safe distance from the congregation.

Another first during COVID-19, we were able to put on a supper after the evening service. Keeping people seated, ensured good social distancing practice and everyone was well fed and watered with their table’s personal supply of sandwiches, buns, tea and coffee.

All in all a very successful harvest, and a credit to all those who helped setup, decorate, and cater to the service.

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Morning Service

Evening Service