The church runs numerous events every year, as an attempt to fundraise, whether it be for charities such as CMS Ireland, or for our own funds, we host both religious and secular events, for people of all walks of life.

We have a number of annual events which are well enjoyed by all including:

  • The Big Breakfast – Every Easter Morning those of the church who can cook, create the most fantastic fry-up you will ever see before church on Easter morning. Entry is free, but any contributions will be put towards the CMS Ireland project of that year. In 2016, proceeds went to Madi West Nile, an Anglican diocese in Uganda, near the border with South Sudan.
  • BBQ + Quiz – Every year the church holds a large BBQ along with a General Knowledge quiz, come for an evening of tender meat and tough questions.
  • Annual Antique Fair – One Saturday in December the Church holds a large antique fair in the Parish Hall. Open from 11am to 5pm, it is well worth a visit with the hall filled with stall holders and a large range of antiques. Refreshments of hot food and drink are provided all day.