This Sunday is Bible Sunday.

You might think that surely every Sunday is a Bible Sunday – we read and learn from God’s Word every time we gather as Church whether that is in person or online. However, taking time to celebrate the Bible on Bible Sunday means that we can rejoice about just what a gift the Bible is for each of us. We can often take our Bibles for granted; we have had the Bible in English for hundreds of years and yet there are still millions of people in the world today that don’t have any Scripture available in their own language.

This year we are thinking about the theme of the Big Picture of the Bible – The BIG Story of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. The story where God reveals his plans and promises to us; the stories written so long ago that still speak to us today in 2020.

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Local Projects by Bible Society NI in 2020.

Bible Sunday 2020 – Talk