Mullaglass Badminton Club

Tuesday Nights 6:45-8:30pm

Completely FREE!


Parents and Juniors meet each Tuesday

6:45pm – 7:30pm 


The adults meet each Tuesday

7:30pm – 8:30pm 

Mullaglass Badminton Club

Please join us each Tuesday night for our weekly Badminton club.

We have one court, fully marked out, and have plenty of spare equipment, racquets, and shuttlecocks, so feel free to drop in, and join us. 

No experience or equipment necessary, we have plenty of beginners and a few people who actually know the rules so you will not feel out of place. 

Its a fun and most importantly free way to stay in shape, especially in these winter months. 

Any questions, just let us know, otherwise we look forward to seeing you.