The Camlough YouTube Channel has hit a 100 video milestone this week!

A big congratulations firstly to Rev. Synnott, who has been posting twice weekly at least since St. Patrick’s day during lockdown.

Each week we have received a midweek reflection/bible study on the Acts of the Apostles as well as a full Morning Prayer Service. In Online Sermons alone Rev. Synnott has prepared 63,836 Words, this covers 86 a4 pages! Not to mention all the Bible Studies, and the physical worship each week across four churches.

Secondly thanks are owed to Trevor Kinnin, who manages the Camlough YouTube Channel. His dedication and editing skills means that each week the whole Parish Group has access to Alan’s videos.

He is also responsible for Livestreaming Bessbrook’s Sunday Service each week at 11:30am.

Between the Mullaglass and Bessbrook YouTube channels we have been able to produce collectively:

  • 44 Online Services
  • 35 Midweek Reflections/Bible Studies
  • 16 Mullaglass Livestreams
  • 13 Bessbrook Livestreams
  • 3 Advice Videos
  • 2 Drive-in related Videos
  • 1 Diocesan Service
  • 1 Music Video
  • 1 Poem

Its been a very difficult year, but with the help of Rev. Synnott, Anne Synnott, Rev. Broddle, Jill Hunter, Trevor Kinnin, the Vestry of Ballymoyer Church, Sam and all others who have helped in the background we have been able to continue worshipping as a Parish Group, regardless of what life throws at us.

A wordlcoud of Alan’s online sermons up until 8th November 2020